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Anonymous asked: hi. i need help. i'm so lonely, and i don't understand why. i am in love with a man who does not love me back, and in my heart, i know that there is no way it could ever work. i've never felt this way before. i don't know what to do. i feel as if there is a thousand tons of burdens on my heart and soul, and i don't know WHY. i saw and spoke to him today, and after he had departed from me, i was literally shaking because i had been in his presence and so close to him. please help me.

why is god letting this happen to me? why can i not let this man go? what do i need to do to feel alive again? how do i let him go? the thing is, i know this is definitely not god's plan for my life, but it's like i couldn't stop myself from letting him into my heart. i'm so lonely and confused. please help me. do you feel god telling you to tell me anything? i'm not really sure what to do anymore.

God lets certain things happen to us yes but concerning this…
when it’s something we got ourselves into, the choice is ours. The life of Christ is what will make you feel alive again…God’s love will make you feel alive again. 

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him. - 1 John 4:16

Give God access to your heart…as easily as you allowed another man to get to it. Guard it concerning man but open it up to the living God Proverbs 4:23. God is the only one that can satisfy and fill that loneliness and He’s the only one that brings about order from chaos and confusion. Pray and really be sincere with God and tell Him to help you get to the point of fully giving yourself over to Him, so that He can meet your needs.

"It’s like I couldn’t stop myself from letting him into my heart."

Turn the above quote from you into…

"It’s like I couldn’t stop myself from letting Him into my heart.”

The tables need to be turned, the roles need to be switched. As people of God - God needs to be irresistible to us. It takes time and we ALL (even I) am still learning and still pressing towards that but that’s what it comes down to. God needs to be irresistible to us not the world or worldly love or worldly things. When God is irresistible to us we don’t desire anything that’s not like Him.

Strive for that, pray for that, desire that…

Pray that He gives you that desire for Him and that deep deep love for His heart, for His will not yours. His way, not ours

I pray this helped you love, God Bless you…

sorry this one took awhile…I wrote it out once and it got erased.

Let me know if you need anything else. <3

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